Copy of Our Team

 Dr Wendy Chee

Dr. Wendy Chee graduated with a degree in Veterinary Medicine and Surgery from Murdoch University, Western Australia in 2007 and has been practicing veterinary medicine in Singapore for the past eight years. Her interests are in the field of dermatology, ophthalmology, and dental and pocket pet cases. Dr. Wendy Chee also invested in continuing education and took a year long Ophthalmology course offered by the University of Sydney. 

Being almost constantly hounded by her three daughters and her three dogs, her precious free time is often dedicated to baking and swimming. She is also an aspiring yogi with a soft spot for guinea pigs and Pomeranians.

 Dr Christine Ng

Dr. Christine Ng went to the University of Illinois, USA in 2006 to pursue a Doctorate degree in Veterinary Medicine after working as a Chemical engineer for three years. Upon her graduation, Dr. Christine moved to Houston Texas, and practiced at an accredited American animal hospital for two years before returning to Singapore in 2012. 

Dr. Christine strongly believes in preventative care and wants to bring that practice philosophy to Singapore to increase the standards of pet care here. She enjoys all aspects of veterinary medicine but is most interested in dermatology, dentistry, preventative and small animal exotic medicine. Dr. Christine is also a proud owner of a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Japanese Chin. In her free time, Dr. Christine enjoys spending time with her family, travel, and trying different cuisines.