Antinol Feline (60 Capsules)

Antinol®️ is a revolutionary 100% natural anti-inflammatory for the relief of osteoarthritic symptoms and joint related conditions in cats.

At the heart of Antinol®️ is the patented ingredient PCSO-524®️, a unique lipid extract from the New Zealand green-lipped mussel. PCSO-524®️ is much more complex than the omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids of EPA and DHA found in fish oil. PCSO-524®️ comprises of over 90 individual fatty acids including rare and novel compounds like OTA and ETA, all adding to the overall potency of Antinol®️ as an anti-inflammatory. There are many published scientific studies that prove the clinical efficacy of Antinol®️. Antinol®️ can be used effectively and safely on a long-term basis.

Antinol®️ has assisted many dogs and cats around the world to enhance their mobility and start moving again. In a veterinary assessment, 90% of pets showed improvement in their mobility within two weeks of starting Antinol®️.

Besides supporting joints, Antinol®️ also helps improve skin and coat conditions.

The Antinol®️ gelcap is about 0.9cm in length and can be fed easily like a treat. Alternatively, the gelcap can be pierced and the contents squeezed onto food.

Loading dose: 2 gelcaps daily for 2 weeks
Maintenance dose: 1 gelcap daily