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Cone Beam Computerized Tomography (CBCT Scan)

Medical imaging technology that uses a cone-shaped beam of X-rays to produce detailed high resolution 3D images of the skull and the bones in the body.

Welcome to Vet Central

We are dedicated to providing consistent, high quality service and up-to-date veterinary care to ensure customer satisfaction for pets.


At Vet Central, safety is a guiding principle that shapes our professional conduct. We uphold the highest standards of safety, ensuring the well-being of our pets, customers, and staff members

Trust and Integrity

Honest and open communication is the cornerstone of our workplace culture at Vet Central. We actively promote and nurture these values, fostering an environment where transparency and integrity thrive.

Excellence in Relationships

We are driven by a commitment to nurturing strong relationships. Continuously assessing and refining our standards allows us to deliver progressive medical care while fostering enduring connections with our clients and colleagues.

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"We have been visiting Vet Central since 2016. The vets and nurses are amazing, compassionate, and dedicated. They have always made sure that our pets  are  comfortable to the best of their abilities.We will never forget how much love, care, and attention that they’ve shown to  our pets."


"Such a fantastic facility, with wonderful staff! Kind and thorough with explaining their assessment and the treatment options, very gentle with my cat and made me laugh when I was feeling worried."


"Bunny savvy vets who are very patient and caring. Committed to their craft."

Xin Ting