Types of Surgery We Perform


Sterilisation is a surgical procedure where part of an animal’s reproductive organ is removed to permanently prevent it from reproducing. In females, sterilisation reduces the risk of certain cancers like mammary gland tumours, ovarian and uterine cancers and womb infections in the female. Castration reduces the risk of testicular cancer and prostate disease in male dogs.

Soft Tissue Surgery

We perform a wide range of soft tissue procedures. The following surgeries are the most common soft tissue procedures we perform:

  • Cystotomy
  • Splenectomy
  • Mass removal
  • Foreign body removal
  • Stitching of skin wounds

Risk Reduction

Although many technological advancements have made anesthesia and surgery safe for pets, some risks still exist. To decrease these potential risks, we highly recommend pre-anesthetic blood testing for your pets.
Pre-surgical preparation


Bathe pet if you are intending to bathe pet soon
Pre-surgical preparation


Fast your pet (cat, dog) for at least 8 hours from the time of surgery. Your pet may have water up until the time of admission for the procedure.
Pre-surgical preparation


Pockets Pets (hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits) do not need to be fasted and can have food and water up until the time of admission for the procedure.