We understand the importance of advanced imaging in diagnosing and treating complex veterinary cases. Our Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) technology allows for highly detailed three-dimensional imaging, providing valuable insights for accurate diagnoses and treatment planning.

Benefits of CBCT

  • High-resolution 3D imaging for precise anatomical visualization.
  • Enhanced diagnostic capabilities, especially for complex dental, oral, maxillofacial conditions.
  • Accurate pre-surgical planning and guidance for procedures such as oral dental surgeries, respiratory tract and ear surgeries. 
  • Reduced anaesthesia and procedure time due to detailed preoperative assessment.
  • Collaboration with veterinary specialists for efficient case management.

CBCT Referral

  1. Veterinary professionals interested in utilizing our CBCT services can email us at contact@vetcentral.com.sg with a brief description of the pet's condition and a short history.
  2. Our team will promptly review the referral and contact the referring veterinarian or clinic to obtain more information and schedule an appointment.
  3. On the scheduled date, the patient should be accompanied by its owner or representative who is familiar with the case and they would be required to sign a consent form for the procedure.
  4. Our experienced team members will perform the CBCT scan and analyse the images using advanced software.
  5. A link to access the CBCT scan will be sent to both the pet owner and the referring clinic.
  6. A report with detailed findings from a specialist can be provided upon request.

Confidentiality and Collaboration

Contact Information

To refer a case or inquire about our CBCT services, please contact:


Please call or Whatsapp


Please note that referrals are accepted from licensed veterinarians and veterinary clinics only. For owners who are keen to find out more about CBCT, please speak to your veterinarians or email us to learn more.

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