Wellness begins
with Prevention

Just like humans, pets can develop various health issues over time, and early detection is key to preventing or managing these conditions effectively.

Wellness checks allow veterinarians to assess your pet's overall health, identify any potential concerns or risks, and provide necessary preventive care measures.

By staying proactive and scheduling regular wellness checks, pet owners can ensure their pets lead long, healthy, and happy lives.

Make your Pet's Wellness a Priority


Buy a plan & Save

Wellness plans for Dogs, Cats, Rabbits & Small Mammals gives you savings on services and preventative care products



Physical health examination, diagnostic tests like essential blood tests, digital radiographs and eye intraocular pressure check-ups that are tailored to your pet's health and age.


Stay Up to Date

Stay in control with reminders and follow-up appointments

Benefits Of Our Wellness Club


Early Detection of Health Issues


Preventive Care


Advice and Recommendations


Monitoring Overall Health


Professional Oral Health Care


Senior Pet Care


10% off Vaccinations for a year


5% off Diagnostic tests for a year


10% off Preventative healthcare Products for a year


Join us and many other pet owners in this journey of preventative healthcare for your pets 

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Wellness Plan FAQ

We strongly recommend doing an annual wellness check for your pets. Senior pets are recommended to have a check-up every 6 months.

Yes definitely!

Yes, if it is the same species!

Our plans are valid for 6 months from the date of purchase. Yes, you can buy first and use it before it expires.

We have different plans suitable for different age group. You can book in a slot with our veterinarian and they can advise you on the best plan for your pet!

  1. Wellness plans are only applicable to healthy pets. 
  2. Wellness plans cannot be used for review for pre-existing conditions. Ie kidney diseases, liver disease etc.
  3. Wellness prices exclude any other procedures such as sedation or urine collection. 
  4. Cancellation and refunds of pre-paid plans are only applicable to specific cases such as unforeseen death of pets.
  5. Vet Central reserves the right to modify the plans according to the needs of the patient at the time of consultation. For example, changing specific test that are unavailable or to suit the needs of the patient.
  6. Wellness plans may not be catered to insurance plan pre-checks. Please inquire with your pet's insurance provider to find out what tests are required.