Dermoscent pyospot dogs (20-40kg)

Dermoscent PyoClean products are formulated to aid in the management and prevention of skin infections in dogs and cats.

These products aim to support the maintenance of healthy skin, assist in restoring the skin barrier function, and limit the need for antibiotics during cutaneous infection. Dermoscent PyoClean products will help to cleanse, purify, rebalance, and reduce infection relapse. Treatment of skin infections like pyoderma and yeast can be lengthy and demanding, but the Dermoscent PyoClean products make it easy for owners to implement a safe and effective topical alternative! Dermoscent PyoClean Spot On is a topical that is applied exactly like Revolution or Frontline. It will help to purify and rebalance the skin flora, while hydrating and reinforcing the skin barrier.

You can use it once a week for as long as necessary to aid in the management of skin infections and to help prevent relapses. Dermoscent PyoClean products are ideal for localized cutaneous infections, or for your pets that suffer from recurring skin infections. By supporting the skin’s natural defense mechanisms, Dermoscent PyoClean products offer an easy, affordable, and effective therapy as solo or adjunctive care during skin infection.